Monday, November 26, 2012

Debbie Macomber Christmas Tree Lane

Beth expects this Christmas to be special; especially since her daughters are coming.  There is only one hitch her ex-husband is coming to, along with his companion.  And to add to her frustration, someone has left a basket full of puppies on her door steps, she must find homes for them before she leaves town.

A great Christmas story

Reviewed by Sara Fitzgerald
"Rediscover the True Meaning of Christmas"
Author of Saving Savanna

Debbie Macomber A Gift to Last

Greg Bennett dislikes Christmas, he has a very troubled past and an even more troubled present and future.  It takes Shirley, Goodness and Mercy to help him figure out what this Christmas stuff is all about.

A quick heartwarming read.

Sara Fitzgerald
"Rediscover the True Meaning of Christmas"
Author of Saving Savanna

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Oranges Retold by Linda Bethers

Christmas Oranges Retold by  Linda Bethers

Rose was a little girl who was moved into a new orphanage.  One filled with cruelty and anger.  She quickly learns the rules.  Everything seems bleak except for a promise of a Christmas Orange on Christmas morning.    One little girl dream of receiving a Christmas orange changed every child’s heart that Christmas morning.

 Linda Bethers did an amazing job retelling the beloved story of the Christmas Oranges.

Review by Sara Fitzgearld
Author of Saving Savanna 

For God So Loved the One

For God So Loved the One
By Kerry Blair

This story is a new twist of the story of the Christmas orange.  It happened to a very ambitious kind hearted new Relief Society President and her quest to serve the Lord.

I liked how refreshingly honest the main character was.  I could relate to her.  I loved how one orange could change so many people’s lives.   It was a short but worthwhile read.

Review by
Sara Fitzgerald
Author of Saving Savanna

Kris Kringle's Magic by Diane Stringam Tolley

Kris Kringle’s Magic by Diane Stringam Tolley

Kris lives in a world where elves are slaves.  People treat them terrible.  Kris wants to show others that the way they treat the elves is morally wrong.  He is a man of true conviction.  He meets a young woman, Rebecca, and together they begin a journey of a lifetime.

This is truly a unique and wonderful story.  I couldn’t stop reading it.  So many ways it touched my heart.   Diane is a natural story teller.   You will find the magic of Christmas in this story.

Sara Fitzgerald
Author of Saving Savanna

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Jingle Bell Bum by Patricia Hanrion

The Jingle Bell Bum is a story of a woman caught up in her own version of the Christmas holiday.  The youth in her church are asked to sell chocolate to fund their camping trip.  She too must sell candy.  Next to their table is a man working for the Salvation Army, ringing his bell.  Through many cold nights, something magical happens to them and the man.  No one will ever be the same.
The Jingle Bell Bum is an insightful story with great details.  It is a great story to read with the youth of the church. 
Review by Sara Fitzgerald
Author of Saving Savanna

Christmas in Bliss by Michele Ashman Bell Review by Sara Fitzgerald, author of Saving Savanna

It’s Christmas Eve, and Nikki Michaels is on her way home to celebrate Christmas with her family.  Her car is loaded with gifts and food from the factory she works at.  It is a blizzard, which makes driving terrifying and almost impossible.  A truck nearly runs her off the road.  Nikki is forced to pull over in a rest stop and hurries inside to meet a group of strangers stranded.  What happens next is a Christmas miracle, and Nikki will never ever be the same.  It is a touching heartwarming story
Review by Sara Fitzgerald
Author of Saving Savanna

The Candy Cane Queen by Janice A. Sperry review by Sara Fitzgerald, author of Saving Savanna

The Candy Cane Queen isn't someone you would expect.  She is a average woman with an extraordinary heart.  Her heart had been broken during Christmas long ago, it wasn't until an unexpected gift changed Christmas for her forever.

You will love this heartwarming read. It would be a perfect way to start the holiday season.

Review by Sara Fitzgerald
Author of Saving Savanna

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Reviews for Saving Savanna

"Sara Fitzgerald's Saving Savanna will bring tender tears to your eyes."  Joyce DiPastena, author of Dangerous Favor

“Sara Fitzgerald pens a heart-warming Christmas story of love, faith and healing.  Saving Savanna is an inspiring read!”  Cindy A. Christiansen, Multi-published Sweet Romance Author

“Sara Fitzgerald shares a heartwarming tale of the true meaning of Christmas and the gift of forgiveness.  You will want to read Saving Savanna with your family year after year.”  Award Winning Author Jill Ammon Vanderwood.  Author of What’s like Living Green, and Drugs Make You Un-smarter

Saving Savanna by Sara Fitzgerald

Published by Cedar Fort

 Saving Savanna
Devan Smith’s little girl, Savanna, has a special Christmas Wish.  Savanna wants her mommy back.   Devan’s heart is tormented.  His wife, Vivian, is dead, murdered.  He is angry and blames God for her death.  The last thing he wants to do is celebrate the Savior’s birth.